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Quality Service

Metrohm Quality Service – our offers

Metrohm Quality Service Customer benefit
Application support
  • Application bulletins, application notes, monographs, validation brochures, posters and technical articles
  • Consultation by phone, e-mail and personally from our specialists
Fast and professional  solutions for all application problems.
Professional training Competent users make an essential contribution to the dependability of analytical results. 
Certified calibration, for example of dosing and exchange units  Precise measurement results
Remote maintenance  Rapid solution of software problems
Back-up support  High data security
Emergency service, e.g. express on-site repair Short response time and hence fast problem solving
Less downtimes 
Swiss-made spare parts
Worldwide stockkeeping
Long-term prove of investment
Sustained repair success
Short delivery times
Spare parts available for 10 years after an instrument series goes out of production
Less downtimes 
Metrohm repair shops all over the world and one central repair shop at the manufacturer’s facilities in Switzerland  Fast repairs, less downtimes