Ion Chromatography
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In addition to voltammetric measuring methods, ion chromatography is often used in the determination of chromium(VI).

After separation on a polyalcohol anion exchange column and subsequent post-column derivatization with 1,5-  diphenylcarbazide, chromium(VI) is detected with high sensitivity as a violet chromium-diphenylcarbazone complex at 540 nm. When using a 1000 μL sample loop, the chromate detection limit determined in accordance with DIN 32645 is less than 10 ng/L.

For polymers and chromium coatings, the RoHS Directive requires the analysis of chromium(VI) in different concentration ranges.

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AN-U-040 Chromium(VI) in colorless and colored chromate coating on metallic samples as per IEC 62321 method for RoHS testing
AN-U-041 Chromium(VI) in polymers as per IEC 62321 method for RoHS testing