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Determining chromium levels in the context of the RoHS Directive is a special case since the concentration of the highly toxic hexavalent chromium – rather than the total concentration of the metal – must be identified. With voltammetry, Cr(VI) can be determined besides other chromium species without difficulty. 

To rule out errors that derive from conversions between trivalent and hexavalent chromium, only extraction methods, as specified by the IEC 62321 standard, are used in sample preparation. In order to comply with the limit value, Cr(VI) concentrations in the extracts of polymers and electronic components have to be around 50 mg/L. In case of chromium coatings, 0.02 mg/L must be accurately detected.

Voltammetry meets this difficult analytical challenge thanks to its high sensitivity and great flexibility.

Application download:

AN-V-186 Chromium(VI) in electronic components as part of electrotechnical products
AN-V-189 Chromium(VI) in polymer materials as part of electrotechnical products
AN-V-192 Chromium(VI) in chromate coating on metallic materials as part of electrotechnical products