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Lead and cadmium

Lead and cadmium levels are determined using anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV). The two metals first undergo cathodic enrichment at the Multi-Mode Electrode and are then anodically stripped during the detection phase. The current flowing during this process is proportional to the amount of material previously deposited and hence to the metal concentration in the measured solution.

Since the oxidation for the two metals takes place at different potentials, lead and cadmium can be selectively determined in parallel. Quantification is easy and reliable with the standard addition method. Thus, matrix effects do not influence the accuracy of the results. Concentrations of 10 mg/kg lead and cadmium can be easily determined.

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AN-V-185 Cadmium and lead in electronic components as part of electrotechn. products
AN-V-188 Cadmium and lead in polymer materials as part of electrotechnical products
AN-V-191 Cadmium and lead in metallic materials as part of electrotechnical products