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Polybrominated organic compounds

PBBs and PBDEs using liquid chromatography

Determination of various polybrominated compounds in a polymer sample using UV detection at 254 and 210 nm. In the original sample (black), neither PBBs nor PBDEs can be detected. With the addition of merely 2 mg/L TBBPA, OCTA and DECA (red), the bromine-containing organic substances can be easily determined. This concentration is one order of magnitude below the limit value. Column: Nucleosil EC 100-7-C18; eluent: 97% methanol with 3% phosphate buffer (17.5 mmol/L Na2HPO4 and 11.0 mmol/L KH2PO4) at pH 7 (H3PO4), 1 mL/min; sample volume: 20 μL; sample amount: 2 g finely ground polymer in 100 mL n-propanol.